Nick Fox

Weekdays 6-7pm

I became a fan of country music after my family moved me from New York City to a horse farm in South Alabama when I was in High School. Talk about a culture shock! I graduated from the University of Alabama in 2008. I started my radio career in 2010 in Mobile, AL by submitting a YouTube video of my celebrity impressions pitching me as a station staff member. Been doing this ever since. I met my wife, Sarah, through a radio bit in December 2014 and we eloped November of the next year. She is a barrel racer, so we have horses, dogs, and cats on our farm. They keep us busy! Also, Sarah went to Auburn, so we are a house divided. We normally just don’t talk about football and focus on the things that we have in common like outdoor sports, music, and Star Wars. On the weekends, when we aren’t at a barrel race I like to cook and lately I’ve been teaching myself how to make my own sushi which is messy but saving us a ton of money.


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